Monster Cupcakes for Kids

monster cupcakes for kids


Monster Cupcakes for kids

These Monster Cupcakes for kids are fun and not-too-scary.
Added bonus…. you don’t need a bunch of baking experience or decorating skills to put them together!

Truth is, the Monster Cupcakes for kids are actually a decorating technique, not a recipe. And it’s so easy, you can even let the kids help you mess up your kitchen… I mean, make the monsters.

Go ahead and bake your own favorite cupcake recipe, use a box mix, or even go BUY cupcakes. This Monster is all in the dipping….

Monster Cupcakes for Kids


1 dozen Baked Cupcakes (any color)
1 can prepared White frosting from a can (I don’t know if this will work with home made frosting)
Orange Food color (or any color you want to make)
Crunchy Chow Mein Noodles or broken pretzels (for the tentacles)
Pretzel Sticks   (for the Eye Stalks)
Mini Marshmallows (for the eyes)
Decorator Icing (for the eye dots)

Some Assembly Required

Stick a few Chow Mein Noodles into a cupcake, so they stick out like tentacles or arms. (repeat with each cupcake)
Scoop the frosting out of the can and into a microwave save bowl. Warm up the Canned Frosting in the microwave (go in 30 second increments) and stir until it’s melted… it should feel like wet glue…. add a few drops of food color (whatever color you like… I like orange). Stir until you have the right color.
NOTEthe more fluid the frosting, the better…
Carefully (it’s a bit tricky, but you can do this) dip the tops of the cupcakes in to the melted frosting. You just want to cover the noodles and top of the cake with orange frosting (not your FINGERS!)
Set aside (right side up) to dry.

Once the melted frosting has set...

Stick mini marshmallows on the end of the pretzel sticks… dot them with decorating icing.
Then stick the cupcakes into the cupcakes to look like eye stalks.


Get Your Monster Cupcakes for kids Supplies HERE

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monster cupcakes for kids

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