Crashing Witch Halloween Decoration

crashing witch halloween decoration


The Crashing Witch Halloween Decoration can hang on a tree or on the wall of your house. It’s cute and fun (and makes kids giggle). This Wrong Way Witchy-poo might have been hitting the potions a bit too hard before climbing on her broomstick!

Because we didn’t have a big enough tree… I hung our witch crashing into the house (this involved climbing out the 2nd floor window and perching on a ledge…) but the effect was fantastic.  Be sure to fasten the hat on tight! Or you will be hunting for it all over the neighborhood!

You can buy a Crashing Witch Halloween decorations….. or make one yourself. Totally up to you!

Buy A Crashing Witch Halloween Decoration

Crashing Witches come in all shapes and sizes. Some are 3D… others are just flat. You can wrap them around a tree, or hang them on the wall of the house. There is even one that makes noise!

Don’t have a tree?? How about an INFLATABLE Tree with a Crashing Witch Halloween Decoration! WOW!!

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Crashing Witch Patterns

Make your OWN Crashing Witch!

DIY Crashing Witch- Woodworking Project

If you like a woodworking project…. this DIY Crashing Witches are a lot of fun… and will hold up for years!

 A Woodworking Pattern and Instructions Pkg to Build Your Own Wayward Witch

Front Door Crashing Witch Pattern

step-by-step-glam-witch-crashFor a fairly simple DIY Crashing Witch, check out ...

I love the look of the Witchy legs!

This 3d Crashing Witch looks great on the front door… or a wall.

Crashing Witch Halloween Decorations are SO FUN!