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not so scary halloween for kids

Halloween is a special time for kids. Many though want a Not So Scary Halloween For Kidscrayon

fun halloween party games childrenI can still remember the excitement of breathing through the hole in a plastic mask held on by a flimsy rubber band. My friends and I would race ahead of my father to get to the next house, and the possibility of Lifesavers, Licorice, or even the Holy Grail of candy scores… a full sized Hershey Bar!

We carved pumpkins and roasted the seeds…. we colored and glued Jack o Lantern pictures to hang in the window… and we sang Halloween songs.

Halloween was fun and exciting, and still a kid holiday.

Today, Halloween has warped into a day of adult drinking parties and really scary (REALLY SCARY) decorations. (How on earth can anyone think that life sized Zombie Babies on a Merry Go Round is a good idea?)

bat cookieMaybe I’m sentimental, but I still want my younger kids to have sweet memories of Halloween that will last a lifetime.

This site is devoted to the kind of Halloween that isn’t so scary (hence the title- Not So Scary Halloween For Kids)… that little kids will love… and that some big kids (and moms and dads) would enjoy too. It’s Halloween for the Family.

Not So Scary Halloween for Kids