Trick or Treat Safety for Kids!

Trick or Treat Safety for kids

trick treating safety tips kidsTeach Trick or Treat Safety for Kids  BEFORE Sending them Out for Trick or Treats! Start letting your kids know that there are Safety Rules for Trick or Treating well in advance. Don’t just shout them as they run out the door.

For little kids, you might even want to practice.

Halloween Night is a time of excitement and anticipation of treats. Remember how fun it was to wear the costume and mask? Remember the quest for candy? I don’t know about your neighborhood, but for some reason our road gets super busy on Halloween night. A lot of people come to our streets because we’re considered a safe and “good candy” neighborhood. This means LOTS of extra traffic with people driving their kids over… and believe it or not… some parents actually follow their kids IN A CAR (seriously people, get out and walk).

Set your rules, and make sure they know them.

Trick or Treat Safety for Kids!

1. NO RUNNING INTO THE ROAD! Not ever, not for any reason. Stop Look Listen Live!

2. For little guys… hold hands when you cross the street. (And maybe an adult hand too)

3. Stay together. It’s no fun to go alone.

4. Shoes Tied? Costumes Fastened? Nothing loose to trip over?

5. Can you SEE where you are going? (Does the mask / costume block vision?)

6. Do not go in to ANYONE’S house …. especially someone you don’t know. Not for any reason. EVER.

7. Travel in a group…. with an adult! Groups are more fun anyway.

8. Be careful of Pumpkins with Candles! Don’t brush against them with your costume… you don’t want to get singed!

9. No eating candy along the way! (parents… check the candy for tampering when you get home ) (and then confiscate any Rolos and send them to me…)

10. And don’t throw candy or candy wrappers on the ground while you are walking!

11. Be POLITE- no pushing, no shoving, wait your turn for your candy, and do not say “I don’t like those” (maybe you can swap them out for something else later)

12. If you come to a bowl that says “take one and leave the rest for other kids”… just take ONE! (Chances are, these days you are on camera, and will be a you tube sensation if you take them all).



Great Books to Reinforce Halloween Safety Rules

trick treating safety tips kidsScaredy Squirrel Prepares for Halloween: A Safety Guide for Scarediestrick treating safety tips kidsTrick-or-Treat Safety (Halloween Fun)trick treating safety tips kidsDon’t Go Bump in the Night!: A Halloween Safety Booktrick treating safety tips kidsAlphabet All-Stars: Be Safe This Halloween!



Halloween Safety Lights

Attach Halloween Safety Lights to your kids’ costumes… this will insure they will be seen, even in dim light.
Find them here–> Halloween Safety Lights

trick treat safety tips kids

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