Halloween Specials For Kids


halloween specials kids

Having a Not-So-Scary Halloween means avoiding movies with Zombies, Chainsaws and guys named Jason… Your best bet is to pick up a few of these Halloween Specials for Kids! For the youngest kids in the house, there are movies based on characters that they know and love to watch. Safe characters like Pooh and Dora, Little Bear and Elmo. You won’t find a single nightmare in the bunch! (But just in case, I included “veggie Tales… Where is God When I’m Scared” to help chase fears away).

And for those kids a bit older? I’ve listed some films that have a bit of suspense and drama, but nothing that will leave a mark (or force you to have to share your bed with an 7 year old).

Halloween Specials for Kids- For the Younger Viewers

Sesame Street -Elmo Says Boo

Sesame Street fun… Elmo heads to the Counts Castle to tell some jokes, but gets a bit scared…. but only for a moment, then friends arrive. Lots of jokes and songs in this one.

This is great for the very young. (Or those of you who love the Count)

halloween specials kidsSesame Street – Elmo Says Boo


Pooh’s Heffalump Halloween Movie

(A Not Scary at all Halloween Movie)

All of the Hundred Acre Woods characters are in this one, including a new friend of Roo’s named Lumpy. Lumpy has never trick or treated before, and he’s very excited…. until Tigger tells him a scary story about the Gabloons. YIKES. When Pooh eats all the candy, Roo and Lumpy decide to be brave and catch the Gabloon so they can wish for more candy.

OK…. I know…AA Milne did not write this story… but it is a sweet movie. Your little Pooh fans will love it.

halloween specials kidsPooh’s Heffalump Halloween Movie


Micky’s House of Mouse…. Villains!

All of the Disney Villains…. Captain Hook, Cruella De Ville, Jafar and Ursela the Sea Witch…. have gathered to take over the House of Mouse, and kick Mickey, Donald, Goofy and Pluto OUT. Will they succeed? don’t count on it.

Watch Jafar Steal the Show

halloween specials kidsMickey’s House of Villains


Little Bear Halloween Stories

Little Bear loves Halloween as much as your kids do. There are four stories included in this sweet DVD package. Perfect for the youngest children.

Added bonus… the slow pace of the films may help them doze off, rather than amp them up!

halloween specials kidsLittle Bear – Halloween Stories


Dora and Diego

I put them together, because… well… it’s Dora and Diego, they just go together!

Dora and Boots (our favorite Monkey in shoes) go trick or treating and come across Little Monster… can they make it to the Halloween Party on time??

Diego and the Freddie the Fruit Bat help save the Llamas, so they can deliver the Halloween Treats.

halloween specials kidsDora and Diego Celebrate Halloween


Curious George a Halloween Boo Fest

Curious George has been delighting kids for generations. In this movie he gets into all sorts of trouble trying to choose the perfect Pumpkin.

halloween specials kidsCurious George: A Halloween Boo Fest


Where’s God When I’m Scared- A Veggie Tales Movie

(This is a good one for Little Guys who DID watch a Scary Movie that was just Too Much for Them)

Strictly speaking…. this is not a Halloween movie, so much as it is a movie about what happens when kids watch a too scary Halloween Movie.

Jr. Asparagus watches a Frankenstein Film after his mom tells him no… and he’s terrified! (This is a fun Christian based video, with lots of singing.

And I just adore Larry the Cucumber….

halloween specials kidsVeggie Tales: Where’s God When I’m S-Scared?


Halloween Specials for Kids who are a Little bit Older

These Halloween Specials are for kids who are a bit too old for Elmo and Dora… but not old enough to watch really scary stuff (despite what they insist!). There are a few chills…just enough to make them feel big.

Spooky Buddies

Those adorable puppies go on a school trip to an old Mansion. They learn a spooky legend about summoning the Halloween Hound by saying it 3 times in front of a mirror (shades of the Bloody Mary Urban myth… and Hocus Pocus).

There are some scary bits… ghosts appear, and at one point the Halloween HOund plans to suck out Budderball’s soul (yikes!) (luckily, he’s saved by a fart… yup, that kind of movie). It all ends happily.

halloween specials kidsSpooky Buddies



Halloweentown is a light Disney comedy with Debby Reynolds. A girl gets a visit from her Grandmother, and learns she’s a witch! She goes to Halloweentown, a magical place where Halloween creatures live year round…and helps battle evil warlocks. G rated fun!

halloween specials kidsHalloweentown



Everyone remember Casper the Friendly Ghost? In this live action movie with Christina Ricci, Casper lives in an old mansion with a Trio of Troublemaker Ghosts. Christina and her father, a sort of Ghost Therapist move in, to clear the house of spirits, so that the owner can claim the hidden treasure. Fun mayhem ensues…

halloween specials kidsCasper (Widescreen Special Edition)


It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown!

Linus spends the night in a Pumpkin Patch waiting for the fabled GREAT PUMPKIN…. meanwhile, the rest of the kids go Trick or Treating, and have a Halloween Party…

It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown (Remastered Deluxe Edition)



Other Not So Scary Halloween Specials for Kids to Consider



halloween specials kids

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