Ghost Cake Pops

ghost cake pops

Cake pops are such a wonderful invention. They are one or two bites of really decadent goodness. The perfect size for children (and mommies and daddies who are watching their figures).

I made these Ghost Cake Pops using Marshmallows. It would probably be more efficient and neat to make the ghost part out of fondant… but…. I hate the taste of fondant (and you can buy Marshmallows just about anywhere). You decide which option you prefer (warning, the marshmallow can get fiddley).

Quick Look at Contents

Ghostly Cake Pops

You will need~

Cake Pops… white is best (follow the link at the bottom for a cake pop making tutorial)
Marshmallows (the big ones) or White Fondant
Powdered Suger (lots)

Decorator Icing for Eyes (or melted Chocolate)

Some Assembly Required

Dip the Cake Pops as you normally would in white chocolate. Let Set.
Sprinkle the counter or rolling surface with powdered sugar… you’ll need a lot, or you will get sticky.
Dust the rolling pin with powdered sugar
Roll the Marshmallow flat… this takes patience… and some will rip (they still taste good…. hand them off to passing neighbor children to hop them up on sugar before you send them home)
Lay the flattened marshmallow over the cake pop
Dot the ghosts with eyes using decorator icing or melted chocolate

Need to learn how to make Cake Pops? Check out this tutorial by Cake Journal


Ghost Cake Pops