Halloween Recipes

fried wormsOne of the things I like best about cooking around Halloween is that it is so much FUN! There are very few rules or expectations… you don’t have to make sure Aunt Edna’s Green Bean Casserole is on the table. No one  expects you to polish Grandma Ruth’s silver. And best of all… it doesn’t all happen at once!

Halloween is like permission to play in the kitchen. This is your chance to be creative! Play with colors and shapes.

You can take ordinary food, and transform it… Like this Worms Recipe. Or maybe just take simple cupcakes, and make them spectacular! (Like this Cupcake Graveyard!) Halloween food can even just be your regular old chili recipe renamed…”Zombie Chili”… serve with some Tortillas cut into ghost shapes, and you have a hit!

spider cupcakeMost of my Halloween Recipes are sweets… cupcakes, candy etc. These get made and enjoyed all month long. And because my daughter is an October kid, we generally have a Halloween Party where they get devoured.

One thing I like to do, is give home made treats to Trick or Treaters. Now, obviously, this can get problematic. Most parents are wary about home made treats from strangers, and they will get dumped. I make sure to ONLY give the home made treats to kids I know. AND I label them. Also, I let the parents know what I’m doing. We have a tight neighborhood, so it works out. Know your audience.
So, whether you are just making Halloween Foods for your family and yourself, or if you are baking up a storm for the class Halloween Party, here are a few recipes to make your Halloween even more spectacular!


Spider Chip Cookies

spider cookies


Bat Cookies

bat cookie

Monster Cupcakes

Monster Cupcakes

Graveyard Cupcakes

Halloween Cupcakes

Monster Eye Cupcakes

monster eye cupcakes

Meringue Ghosts

meringue ghost cookie

Ghostly Cake Pops

ghost cake pops

Cake Eye Balls

cake eye balls

Chocolate Candy Bark

chocolate Bark

Popcorn Hands

popcorn glove

Honey Caramel Popcorn

Honey Popcorn

Fried Worms

fried worms