Decorations for a Halloween Party

halloween party decorations

You want to give your Halloween  Party an atmosphere that screams Halloween… but doesn’t make the kids scream in fear.  (In other words… no bloody zombies with an axe).

Get out the Pumpkins and Jack o Lanterns! Use Glow Sticks to light them up (candles can cause fire, especially with loads of kids running around).

Go with some spider webs and little plastic spiders

Plastic bats hanging from the ceiling..

Let the kids make some “ghosts” with stuffed tissue paper, or cheesecloth stiffened with starch.

Streamers are fun for any occasion… and so are balloons. Black, orange and purple are great colors for Halloween.

If you can.. fill a plastic cauldron with dry ice.. it looks great with the smoke billowing out.


We Covered the Stairs with Spider Webs and Lights

(at the top of the stairs was a fortune teller)

Decorations for a Halloween Party

I love light strings… we end up hanging orange lights all over the house. We hang them around the bedroom ceiling to make Halloween Night Lights.

Be creative! Let the Kids do some coloring… then hang the pictures up!



Halloween Party Food