Halloween Party for Younger Kids

halloween PartyI love throwing a Halloween Party for kids! My youngest was born right before Halloween (I was actually wondering if I’d be Trick of Treating in the Hospital). So… a Halloween Themed Birthday seems like a natural. But it also works as a regular Party. Now remember, these are little kids… so there will be no Bloody Axe Murderers, Zombie Brain Eaters or Scary Headless Ghosts jumping out at anyone! Instead.. I came up with a party loaded with Halloween fun, but still tame enough for a 7 year old to sleep without a night light afterwards.

There are easy party organizing instructions, decoration ideas,  links to easy Cupcake recipes, plus there are fun Halloween games, Halloween activities, and some food,  and Halloween Party music ideas to make the Halloween theme come alive.

This works as a Birthday Party, but also works as a regular old Halloween Party for Kids!


Plan Your Halloween Party

(Get out Your Spiral Notebook)

I’m a firm believer in the spiral notebook for party planning. I make lists of everything. Guest list and RSVPs, decorations, games (and accessories needed for games), favors,and foods (along with a prep schedule). Everything goes in the notebook.

You will need…

a guest list
party favors


My Most Important Piece of Advice!!!

It’s a party.. it’s supposed to be fun.

Get help… Hire a Teenager, or do a swap with another Parent.

Don’t do more than you feel comfortable doing.

Remember to laugh.. no one will notice if something is not right, unless YOU tell them ( unless, of course, the house burning down, in which case it’s fairly obvious)

Teen helpersMy Teen Helpers…

I couldn’t have done it without them…

Make sure to PAY your helpers, their time is valuable, and they will work harder if they know you think so. Agree on an amount, and make sure they get some cupcakes or treats too.

Get Ready for Halloween!