Halloween Handprint Crafts Toddlers and Kids Can Make- Footprints TOO!

halloween handprint crafts toddlers

When my kids were tiny, I marveled at their little starfish hands  and pudgy feet…. I just wanted to hold on to that forever. But of course, kids grow up, and those hands and feet get bigger. Luckily, there is a fun way to save the memories. Halloween Handprint Crafts Toddlers and Kids can Make! Both make an impression that will last forever, and will keep those memories fresh. I even found some cute Halloween Footprint Crafts!

halloween handprint crafts toddlers

Since it’s Halloween, these crafts are specific to that holiday. You can make them exactly as shown, or adjust to your taste. Instead of a picture for the wall… turn the craft into a card for Grandma (for example). Because you KNOW she loves those tiny hands and feet too! And wouldn’t they make a great addition to the scrapbook?

None of these Hand and Feet Print crafts for Halloween are overly complicated… and none requires a special trip to the store to find an obscure supply.

All you really need is a kid… paint…and a little time… and you can make a memory to last a lifetime.

Cute Halloween Handprint Crafts Toddlers and Bigger Kids Can Make!

Hand Print Spider

halloween handprint crafts toddlers


This fun and simple Hand Print Spider comes from Punchbowl.com. You are basically laying 2 handprints (minus the thumb) over each other to make a Spooky Spider with Googly Eyes!

Supplies for Hand Print Spiders

White Cardstock
Black Paint
Google Eyes

Lay the white sheet of cardstock on the table vertically  (it’s easier to go top to bottom than side to side).
Pour a little black paint into a pie pan or other flat dish.
Dip your child’s hand into the paint (hold the thumb out!)
Then use it as a stamp on the cardstock… fingers facing  away from the child.
Now… Rotate the cardstock 180 degrees (so the fingers that you stamped are now facing the child)
Dip the hand again
Stamp over the first impression… match up the palms.
Now… glue on the google eyes!

Foot Print Ghosts!

halloween handprint craft kids

This really is the simplest Foot Print Craft of all time.

Supplies for Foot Print Ghosts

Black Cardstock (a piece for the project, and a scrap for the face)
White Paint
Yellow paper (for the moon)

Pour a little white paint into a pie pan or flat dish. You don’t need much at all… just enough to cover the bottom.
Dip those little feet into the paint… then use them like a stamp on the black cardstock. (Ok, I admit, this takes some juggling if you have a small wiggly child…)
Glue a circle of yellow into the corner for a moon.
Then cut small circles for eyes and mouth out of black paper and glue them on as a face.


Monster Hands!!
halloween handprint crafts toddlers

This is another simple Handprint out of Paint on paper project that I found on http://hubpages.com/hub/Easy-Halloween-Crafts-Handprint-and-Footprint-Art. You can have one child do it… or mor

Supplies for Hand Print Monsters

Colored Cardstock
Paint ( a few colors)
Google Eyes
A marker to write on it if you want

Pour some paint into a pie pan. Use 2 or 3 if you want different colors.
Dip the hand in to get it nice and painty on the palm.
Use the painted palm as a stamp.
When it dries… add the googly eyes.
Go ahead and layer the painted artwork on several colors of paper… glue together
Write Mommy’s Monsters on it. (Or Daddy’s, or Grandma’s)


Footprint Frankenstein

halloween handprint crafts toddlers

For those kids who are a little older, but not yet done doing crafts.. Frankenstein’s Monster! I found this fun project at http://diy.allwomenstalk.com/easy-halloween-crafts-for-people-of-all-ages/9/

Supplies for Frankenstein’s Monster Feet

Green Paint
Black Marker
Googly Eyes

Pour a little Green Paint into a pie pan (or paper plate big enough for your child’s foot).
Put the foot in the paint, then use as a stamp on the paper.
When the paint dries (and maybe you’ve had a chance to wash off that foot BEFORE the carpet is a mess) draw on the details (neck bolt, scar… maybe even hair) with the market.
Glue on the eyes.

Hanging Hand Print Spider with Web

halloween handprint crafts kids

This is just a one hand spider… but the webs make it fun! (Perfect for a greeting card)

Supplies for Hanging Hand Spider

Paper or card Stock
Black Paint
Black Marker
Google Eyes

Pour the paint into a pie pan, just enough to cover the bottom.
Dip your child’s hand into the paint.
Use as a stamp to make a spider.
Turn the paper so the the fingers hang down. Add Google Eyes
Now draw spider webs…

Trick or Treat Feet

I’ve found a variety of different Trick or Treat Smell my Feet Crafts… Some are upside down feet ghosts… others are right side up, and just feet.
One mom even went with the very tricky 3 color Candy Corn feet! (http://marelandtomstock.blogspot.com/2012/11/trick-or-treat-smell-my-feet_2.html).  All are silly and fun.

halloween crafts preschoolSupplies for Trick or Treat Feet

Paint (one to 3 colors)
maybe Google eyes or bits of paper

If you are doing one color, pour the paint into a pie pan… if three colors, apply the paint directly to the foot (warning… my kids are wildly ticklish, and this could get messy)
Use the painty foot as a stamp.
When it dries, add eyes and the words… “Trick or Treat, Smell my Feet!”

Hand Print Black Cat

The Handprint Cat can be done simply, or a little more complex.

The simple way is the one on the left, a Handprint cat I found at http://craftpenguin.com/crafts/halloween-fingerpainting-ideas. Make the handprint to form the cat’s body and legs (the thumb acts as the neck)… then use your fingers to add a head and tail.

The Handprint Cat on the right is made by using a whole handprint. The palm is the body, the fingers the legs, and the thumb is the tail. Then you get to add a colored paper head! Complete with Google eyes and whiskers made of scrap paper, like the one I found on http://kidsactivitiesblog.com/18891/halloween-crafts-for-kids

Supplies for Handprint Cat

Black Paint
for the more complex- black paper, google eyes and scrap strips of white paper.

Make the hand print with black paint.
Add embellishments with more paint… or with colored paper and googly eyes.


Handprint Pumpkin

handprint halloween crafts toddlers

Simple, fun, and no knife needed… have your kids handprint the family pumpkin…

Supplies for Hand Print Pumpkin

Paint… different colors
Spray sealer if needed.

Very simply, have each kid apply a hand print to the pumpkin.  This will wash off in the rain, so either keep it under the eves, or spray it with a sealer.


Hand Print Crafts and Foot Print Crafts don’t take many supplies…

but here are a few you may want to have on hand….

 Non-Toxic Paint, Colored Paper or Cardstock, and Googly Eyes!

 Crayola Washable Kids Paint set of 10 Bottles (2 fl oz/59mL) Glob All Natural Paint Kits Crayola Washable Kid’s Paint (6 count)

 Darice Core’dinations Value Pack Cardstock, 12 by 12-Inch, 100-Pack Neenah Exact Index, 250 Sheets, 90 lb, 8.5 x 11 Inches, White, 94 Brightness Tru-Ray Sulphite Construction Paper, 9 x 12 Inches, Assorted, 50 Sheets (103031) SunWorks Smart-Stack Construction Paper, 9 x 12 Inches, 11 Colors, 300 Count (6525)

 Wiggle Eyes Bonus Pack Decora 700 Pieces Mixed Wiggle Eyes with Self-adhesive DIY Scrapbooking Crafts Toy Accessories Watch them wiggle eyes, Black(500 PIECES) – BULK

Halloween Party Games Pack: over 40 printables for all the family!
halloween handprint crafts toddlers