Halloween Crafts and Ideas

pumpkin decoratingYou know all those craft supplies you have stashed in the closet? Haul them out…. Halloween is a great time to start using them!

A Not-So-Scary Halloween means you can glue feathers onto your pumpkins! Why not throw on some glitter too? Who says there have to be Zombies? And why do witches only have to be mean? Let’s paint some friendly ghosts and create some dancing skeletons out of construction paper and brads!


It’s time to have some Halloween FUN!!

Learn those fun Halloween Rhymes to chase the scary feelings away!

And while you are enjoying yourself… why not spread the joy! Start a Halloween Phantom tradition in your neighborhood. A few simple treats in a bag are a wonderful pre-Halloween surprise for the kids next door.

So, get out the Glow Sticks and dig out those toilet paper rolls! Let’s get some “spooky Eyes” made!
Start mixing Glue and food color to make slime!
Maybe make your own Halloween Lollipops!
And you don’t need to save Face Painting for special occasions? Why not practice a new design every day during October?

Gather leaves and make a collage…. paint happy faces on rocks….. be fun and creative and FINALLY use up all those googly eyes that you bought on sale 3 years ago!!

Here are some great Halloween Crafts and Ideas to get you going….

Make your Own Halloween Chocolates


Fun with Glow Sticks

glow sticks

Halloween Rhymes and Poems

halloween craft

Pumpkin Decorating


Spooky Slime


Halloween Phantom

halloween phantom