Glow Stick Halloween Crafts to Light up the Night

glow stick halloween crafts

glow stick halloween crafts25 Lumistick 6

Candles can cause fire, and lights need electrical wire….so, why not make some fun Glow Stick Halloween Crafts??

Here are a few cute ideas to try with your little ones.

Remember, the “glow” only lasts a few hours, so if you do these too early in the day, it may be worn off by evening. Luckily… you can just replace the stick with another to continue the effect!

Glow Sticks are an easy to use and safe for kids! What a great way to have some glowing fun with the kids!



Glow Stick Halloween Crafts!

Glow Stick Ghosts

glow stick ghosts

I found Glow stick Ghosts on Martha Stewart’s page

You need white balloons, a black sharpie marker, and some green glow sticks. Activate the glow stick, and stick it in the balloon, then blow up the balloon around it. Tie off the end and draw a face with sharpie marker!

Go ahead and tape or tie the balloons around the house… then LIGHTS OUT!!

Alternatively, you can use “LED” balloons

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Glow Sticks Eyes

glow sticks eyes

Let your little one put the “eyes” around the yard.

Remember to tape the ends of the toilet paper or paper towel rolls to keep the light from spilling out on the ends!

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Glow Stick Jar Crafts

Glow Jar Faces

glow stick jar craft

This cute idea comes from –

Let the little ones paint clean mason jars to make glowing jars!

Glitter glow Jars!

An adult should help with this craft, as it requires cutting the end off of a glow stick.

Glow Stick Jar Crafts


You need a Jar with a lid, a glow stick and some glitter. Cut the end off of the glow stick, and pour the liquid into the jar. Add a few pinches of glitter. Replace the top on the jar and SHAKE SHAKE SHAKE!

The jar will glitter glow! Perfect for lining the path to your door… or for a temporary night light.

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Ninja Turtle Pumpkins!

Carve your pumpkin (not sure why they used a watermelon… but ok) to look like a Ninja Turtle (or any other Jack o Lantern pattern). Then use a colorful Glow Stick to make it GLOW!

Glow Stick Halloween Crafts
Found on Crushable


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What will you be, this Halloween?

glow stick halloween crafts

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