Fool Your Friends with this Fried Worms Recipe!

fried worms recipe

Want to make the kids squeal?… tell them they get to that for dinner you are making this fried worms recipe! That could definitely send people running for the hills.

eat fried worms recipeThe Kids will shriek! Adults will shudder! And teens will give you the eye roll (right before eating everything on the plate).

These are perfect for a Party, or a Halloween buffet before Trick or Treating.

(And, it turns out…according to Dylan Dog : Dead of Night, Worms are an alternative food source for Zombies who can’t find brains to eat.
So, even the skeptical teens will eat them).

Only you will know the secret to these delicious Halloween Worms (shhh.. it’s hot dogs…). Serve them up in buns, and remember to keep a totally straight face….

There are step by step photos to help you through it…. What a great pre-Trick or  Treat Meal!!!!

Fried Worms Recipe

 (How to Make Fake Fried Worms)

fried worms recipeIt is so simple, you’ll find yourself making this fried worms recipe all the time!

Any kind of Hot Dog will do… so you can make them with the delicious all beef boutique butcher hot dogs… or with the inexpensive franks that you find on sale. I don’t know how it would work with veggie dogs… if you try, please let me know.
I do know that the thinner you cut the hot dogs, the more they will curl….

For serving, I usually put the worms in a hot dog bun cut in half…. mostly because little kids can’t seem to finish a whole hot dog during a party (I HATE wasted food). You can also serve them on a hamburger bun… or maybe even a taco shell?

And as for amounts? Kind of use your judgement… for little kids I go with a 1/2 bun… older kids might want 2….

Serves: as many as you want … just cut more hot dogs up

Prep Time: 5 minutes

Total Time: 10- 15 minutes


Hot Dogs Wieners

Hot Dog Buns (or hamburger buns)

Bar B Que Sauce..


Get out a frying pan… let it heat up over medium heat.

Cut each hot dog in half… then cut the halves into strips.. The thinner the strips, the more they will curl up.

Put the strips of hot dog in the hot pan…. fry them until they start to curl.

Spoon on some bar b que sauce… enough to make the strips wet (if you like lots of sauce, add more)… cook another minute.


Serve in a bun.

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Take a Look at the Step-By-Step Photos…for How to Make this Fried Worms Recipe

You can Make These…Easily

Cut a hot dog in half lengthwise

fried worms recipe

Cut each half into strips

fried worms recipe

Put the strips in a hot frying pan (yes, you can use a wok or skillet…)

fried worms recipe

When they start to curl, spoon on some bar b que sauce…whatever kind you like

fried worms recipe

Let them cook for another minute

fried worms recipe

Got your buns ready? I use hot dog buns cut in half.

Lay the worms in the buns… Serve

fried worms recipe


fried worms recipe

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