Monsters Inc.

monster's incPixar’s Monsters Inc. is a great “family ” movie, which means that Adults and bigger kids can watch without going nuts.

Monstropolis is powered by kid screams, and monsters are sent to scare kids in their rooms at night so that the scream power can be collected.

BUT … a kid sneaks back into Monstropolis by mistake. Monsters are scared of kids (apparently they are toxic!). Scully and Mike have to get little “Boo” back to the human world. There is a lot of action, and a scary-ish scene where Boo is captured by the monster who runs the energy plant. (You make the call if you think it’s all too much for your little one. )“Boo” shows she is stronger than her fears, and makes it home .

In the end… it turns out kids laughter is a more powerful energy source than screams.

It’s Pixar magic!

Pixar recently released Monster’s University… a prequel to Monsters, Inc. This movie is also very funny, and makes a great film for the family. Be advised, that this is a “college romp”… there are parties… and a fairly scary Dean.

Both are G rated!

Monsters, Inc.

Monster’s University