Crayon Costume


Why make a Crayon Costume?

Perhaps your kids …..

-are going Trick or Treating as a group with some friends?

-have a lot of sibs, and you want to dress them alike?

-are in a Girl Scout Group attending a Halloween Parade?

-are part of a Soccer Team that is going to Boo Fest?

Have I got the Costume for you!


The costume is great for boys and girls of all ages! (So, we can put Dad in a costume too…. you know how he loves that)

It’s an inexpensive and simple costume to put together. You can be as crafty or as basic as you want to be.

And it’s instantly recognizable!

Here is how We made the Crayon Costumes-

crayon costumeFirst, they each chose a color (my kid got yellow) and they went out and bought a plain T shirt and pair of shorts or leggings in that color.

One of the other moms is very artistic and creative, so she made a stencil, and then painted the t-shirts with the crayola logo, and the swirl top and bottom.

The Hat was just colored paper curled into a cone, then taped. They bobby pinned it to their hair.


Special Supplies

You can download a template for the Crayola Logo Here… Crayola Logo

Draw it onto the T-Shirt with Fabric Pens


If you don’t want to draw…. go ahead and print the decal up with T-shirt Transfers

Now… if all of this still seems more complicated than necessary…. there are Crayon Costumes available on Amazon


And because we never want to leave out Dad…… Here is a costume for his Trick or Treat experience…