Recipes for Chocolate Bark Candy – Enjoy at Halloween or Any time of Year!

recipes chocolate bark candy

One of the easiest, most versatile and kid friendly candy making options are these Recipes for Chocolate Candy Bark.  If you can melt chocolate (and who among us hasn’t left a candy bar on the car seat?). Then you can make this fun treat!

Grab the kids, grab your favorite toppings, grab an apron… and follow me into the kitchen.

Recipes for Chocolate Candy Bark

Making chocolate candy bark is really just one technique that turns into an infinite number of recipes, depending on your whims, likes, and what happens to be in the pantry.

Use white chocolate, milk chocolate or dark chocolate… add toppings to suit a holiday, or your mood.

Chocolate Candy Bark Ingredients-

(dark, milk or white chocolate)

(be creative, this list is by NO MEANS complete)



More Chocolate (optional…. if you want to top your bark with chocolate drizzle)


Chocolate Candy Bark Instructions

Spread some waxed paper over a cookie sheet (this makes clean up easier)

Melt your chocolate or bark. I like to melt mine in the microwave…. 30 seconds at a time, then stir, until it’s mostly melted…. stir then until it’s completely melted. While chocolate chips tend to be more difficult to get right… it’s fussy. Bark or Candy Melts are the easiest to use for this.

Warning…. DO NOT LET ANY WATER GET IN TO THE MELTING CHOCOLATE. It will ‘Seize’ (get crumbly) and you might as well start over.

Got your toppings ready? (Have the kids break up any big pieces….)

You now get to choose…..

If you want stuff IN the bark, stir about half of the toppings in to the melted chocolate.

If you just want it ON the bark…. don’t.

Step BY Step Photos for Recipes for Chocolate Candy Bark

recipes chocolate bark candy
Spread melted Chocolate over waxed or parchment paper (ignore the scoring…we made this for a flag project)

Pour the melted chocolate onto the Waxed Paper… spread it around a bit with a spatula or the back of a spoon. (Kids can help with this part). You are looking for a ¼ – 1/3 inch thickness. Don’t get out a ruler, this isn’t brain surgery, it’s candy…. eyeball it.

Sprinkle the toppings on the melted chocolate while it’s still soft. (Again, a fun thing for kids to do)

recipes chocolate bark candy


At this point, if you want to drizzle more chocolate over the top, go ahead. Melt chocolate (I find a contrasting color is best). Put the melted chocolate into a plastic baggie, clip a corner, and then splatter the chocolate over the top of your bark. (You can use a spoon…I just like the control of a bag)

Now… this is the hardest part.


Wait for it to set.

(You can speed the process by putting the cookie pan in the fridge. )

This will give you time to clear stuff away, wash little hands again, and maybe fold some laundry.

When the bark has set (you know it’s set when you can lift it up from the edge), cut or break it into pieces.

You can bag this treat to hand out, or just sit at the table with the kids and snarf it down.

Candy Combinations to use in Recipes for Chocolate Candy Bark

Looking for combination ideas?

Wilton Candy Eyeballs,0.88 oz,Count of 50Wilton Candy Eyeballs,0.88 oz,Count of 50

-Dark Chocolate
-Eye Ball Sprinkles
-Reeses Pieces
-Gummi worms
-Peanuts (chopped)
Candy Corn

-White Chocolate
-Jelly Beans
-Pastel M&Ms

-Milk Chocolate
-Junior Mints
-Red and Green M&Ms
-Crushed Candy Canes

July 4th—> You can make a flag
-White Chocolate
-Dried Cranberries
-Dried Blueberries


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recipes chocolate bark candy

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